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Hobart Fun Run

Royal Hobart Hospital

The Paediatric Unit of the Royal Hobart Hospital does wonderful work looking after sick kids 

The unit has a bright play room as well as a school that runs during normal school terms. It provides a high standard of Paediatric Care. Typical patients include Oncology, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Mental Health conditions,Surgical conditions and Trauma.

Astodia Transilluminators

We would like to use the funds this year to purchase medical equipment that includes some Astodia Transilluminators (Vein Finders) that help Medical staff when they are trying to insert IV’s and the veins are difficult to find, we will use on both K6East and K6West .

Astodia Transilluminators - utilise red and yellow wavelengths individually to accommodate different patient sizes and vein depths. The yellow light is for viewing smaller veins closer to the skin surface, while the red light illuminates deeper targets. The LEDs are adjustable with different gradients of brightness, for clear vein targeting at various tissue densities. The small illuminator is lightweight, with rounded edges, and can be held under the patient's extremities without moving the patient out of the incubator. The wand is gentle on the baby's skin. Automatic safety features ensure that the patient is never exposed to an uncomfortable temperature.

Facts about the Pediatrics Unit:

The Royal Hobart Hospital is the tertiary referral centre for Paediatric Services in Tasmania and has the only dedicated paediatric wards in southern Tasmania. There are two paediatric inpatient wards at the hospital.

K6East Children’s accommodates babies and children from birth to 12 years of age.

K6West Adolescents accommodates adolescents from 13 to 18 years of age.

The staff provide a high standard of care to babies, children, and adolescent patient with a variety of conditions. Typical patients include oncology, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, eating disorders, mental health, surgical conditions, and trauma.

K6East Children’s includes a four bed high dependency unit, a four cot nursery, and isolation facilities.

K6West Adolescents has isolation facilities and has two single mental health observation suites that are specifically designed to support the care and management of young people with challenging behaviours. The suites incorporate access to their own recreation area and outdoor courtyard with a nursing observation space.

K6East and K6West have a philosophy based on family centred care. Staff encourage one parent to stay overnight with their child or adolescent (if requested by the adolescent).

Both wards have recreation spaces including outdoor courtyards specific for the age group of patients admitted to each ward. There is a gym, therapy room and inpatient school located on K6West. Services offered on the wards include play specialists, diversional therapists, and a teacher (during normal school terms). The children’s ward has a bright playroom. K6West has an adolescent recreation room. TVs are all installed at each bed/cot space, DVD players and games consoles are available for children and adolescents to keep them entertained during their admission.

Paediatric Services strongly believes in a multidisciplinary team approach and members of this team include physiotherapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, pharmacists, speech pathologists, social workers, and a psychologist.

Nursing staff range from new graduates to staff who have worked on the unit for over 30 years. All have a passion for caring for paediatric patients and their families and ensuring that they receive the highest standard of care. The inpatient wards offer a Post Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Nursing in conjunction with the University of Tasmania.

Medical staff include general paediatricians, paediatric surgeons, a paediatric oncologist, and paediatric intensivists.

The wards are particularly busy during the winter months with such illnesses as asthma, bronchiolitis, croup, and influenza.

Help us to help them

The Hobart Fun Run is run by volunteers. All profits from the event goes directly to the Paediatrics Unit. Thanks to participants like yourself and our very kind sponsors the Hobart Fun Run has raised over $195,000 for the unit.

Our Sponsors:

Race Directors

Patrick Smith

0432 642 663

Pete Keenan

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The Hobart Fun Run is a smoke free zone