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Hobart Fun Run

A beginners training program

by James Hansen

5 x National Finalist, Sub 4min Miler, 3:38 1500m Pb
5km Pb 13:46 - 5k / Sub 30min -10km P.B
Australian Representative

James’ running career had a familiar beginning – as a participant in Little Athletics, his mother wisely recognised that sport was an important developmental tool for children, and running was her first choice for her son. James showed immediate talent, winning numerous races early in his career, however, he did face some issues with anxiety around racing and pressure to perform. For some of his formative years, he took some time away from the sport. Through the help and guidance of numerous coaches including Cathy Freeman's former Coach Peter Fortune, and Jim Fitzgerald in Sydney, he was able to find purpose and direction in the sport.
James Hansen
James quickly rose through the ranks and in 2018, by the age of 25, he had become a 5 x National 1500m Finalist, he lined up at the Commonwealth Games Trials finishing an agonising 4th. James came away from the race hungry and his sights set on Tokyo 2020. He embarked on a trip to race the world's best in Europe, where he lowered his 1500m P.B to 3:38. He had reached a new level and he became stronger and faster across all distances. He was rewarded with selection to the Oceania Championships in Townsville, representing Australia alongside Matt Ramsden and Rory Hunter.

In 2019 he set P.Bs across the 3km running 7:53.98, the 5km 13:58 to win the Victorian Championships and hitting the roads of at the famous Burnie 10k in Tasmania, running 29:52 for 10kms.

Jame's 8 week program

An 8 week beginners training course that will have you at your best in time for the event. 
Week 1

Tuesday – 3 x 3 minutes (1 minute walk) Should be a pace you could hold a conversation.

Thursday – 4 x 4 minutes (1 minute walk)

Saturday  – Long run 4 x 5 minutes (1 minute walk)

Week 2

Tuesday – 2 x 5 minutes (1 minute walk)  2 x 4 x 200m @goal 1km pace (60 seconds recovery between reps) (3 minutes recovery between sets) 2 x 5 minutes (1 minute walk)

Thursday – 2 x 10 minutes (1 minute walk) 

Saturday –  Long run 6 x 5 minutes (1 minute walk)

Week 3

½ mona Fartlek

Warm up 2 x 5 minute (1 minute walk)

½ mona

90 seconds @10km pace

90 seconds @easy run pace


60 seconds @5km goal pace

60 seconds @easy run pace

Repeat x 2


30 seconds @3km goal race pace

30 seconds @easy run pace

Repeat x 2

15 seconds @1km goal pace

15 seconds @easy run pace.

Repeat x 2

Warm down 2 x 5 minutes (1 minute walk)

Week 4

Tuesday – Warm up

2 x 5 minutes (1 minute walk)

4 x 800m intervals @goal 5km pace (90 seconds recovery)

2 x 5 minutes 1 minute walk)

Thursday -  20 minutes easy run

Saturday - Long run 2 x 15 minutes (1 minute walk)

Week 5

Monday – Easy run 20 minutes

Tuesday - 

Warm up 10 minute easy

4 minutes @goal 10km pace

1 minute @recovery pace

3 minutes @goal 5km pace

1 minute @recovery pace

2 minutes @goal 3km pace

1 minute @recovery pace

1 minute @goal 1km pace

1 minute recovery pace

Thursday: Easy run 20 minutes

Saturday:  Long run 2 x 20 minutes (1 minute walk)

Week 6*

Monday: easy run 25 minutes

Tuesday: Intervals

w/u 10 minutes easy

5 x 1km @goal 5km pace (60 seconds recovery)

w/d 10 minutes easy

Thursday:  Easy run 25 minutes

Saturday: Long run 30 minutes (1 minute walk) 10 minutes

Week 7

Monday – Easy run 30 minutes

Tuesday – w/u 10 minutes
Mona Fartlek

90 seconds @10km pace

90 seconds @easy run pace

Repeat x 2


60 seconds @5km goal pace

60 seconds @easy run pace

Repeat x 4


30 seconds @3km goal race pace

30 seconds @easy run pace

Repeat x 4


15 seconds @1km goal pace

15 seconds @easy run pace.

Repeat x 4


Thursday Easy run 25 minutes

Saturday Long run 40 minutes

Week 8

Monday –

warm up 10 minutes easy

10 minutes @goal 5km pace

(3 minutes recovery)

4 x 200 @goal 1km pace (60 seconds recovery)

Warm down 10 minutes

Wednesday - easy run 30 minutes

Friday – Easy run 20 minutes + 4 x 100m strides @goal 1km pace

Sunday – Race Day

Sunday is race day.
Make sure you are up early and have your regular pre-race breakfast. Warm up before the race and be confident that the training you have done will get you a good time. Enjoy the day.
Disclaimer: We recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.

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The Hobart Fun Run is a smoke free zone